I began a personal relationship with Jesus sometime in 2006.

By that time I had been married for 3 years, I had 2 kids (still do), and had been a teacher for 4 years (still am). All of my life I had known Jesus through my Catholic upbringing. But I did not really have a personal relationship with Him. There was no intimacy, yet.

Before then, many times I had thought about serving, you know, doing good for the community. I wanted to make an impact. Yet, I hadn’t taken a step forward. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas I saw that same news report of people serving a meal for the homeless. And every year I would say, “I should do that next year.” But I never did.

It was around the time of my water baptism in 2007 that I began to see life in a different light. God’s grace began to work within me as I allowed Him into my life.

Soon thoughts of what I should do began transforming into action. Soon I began to worship the Lord through service to others.

Then I began to hear God’s calling for me. His plan for me is to help make it easier for others to serve. For others to come together in fellowship through serving. For others to worship God through serving. For others to have a deeper intimacy with Jesus through serving.


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