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We all know that Thanksgiving is not only the kickoff for the Holiday shopping season, but also the “giving and serving” season. We’ve all seen that news report on  Thanksgiving morning with many volunteers giving of their time so the less fortunate may have a special meal.

I had seen that same news report every Thanksgiving as well. And every Thanksgiving I would say… “Next year…”

The difference this time is obedience. God’s call has been there for quite some time. But this time I heard and I listened.

Like a child hearing a parent’s advice…despite knowing they are right, we continue to make the same wrong choices. Thankfully, God is patient and God never gives up on us. God loves us and continues to nudge us towards what He has planned for us.

He knows, sooner or later, we will learn obedience.  And when that day comes, we realize… God loves us and His plan is so much better than what we had in mind. Because with obedience comes a life of prosperity and joy.